- Can we talk about how he doesn’t force Amu to go out/date him at all, just being happy she accepted his feelings and is by his side?
- Can we talk about how he doesn’t expect anything from her in return for his feelings?
- Can we talk about how he promised to tell her he loves her every day…

Hey shugo chara fans,

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on this blog. I will try and get on it more often. This is a reminder to get off this blog now if you are planning on insulting this anime or the characters in it or the relationships the characters have. I’ve seen some fighting within the shugo chara fandom and I don’t want it spreading to this blog. Some examples of what I don’t want to be involved in:
-Tadase being called gay
-The age gap between Amu and Ikuto
-Ikuto being called a pedophile.
-Saying Tadase didn’t treat Amu right.
-Lulu being called a pointless filler character.

Those are just some examples but please don’t go there. Shugo Chara is an amazing anime with all lovable characters. It doesn’t deserve hate.
Well that’s a all! Feel free to comment or message me. :)


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Shugo Chara! 


Favourite Anime Couples - Ikuto Tsukiyomi & Amu Hinamori

"Wherever I go, Whatever the distance that seperates us… I will come back to you. And when you grow up and become an adult, I promise I’ll come back and find you. - Because I’ll always keep liking you like this."


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