My diferents hairstyles~

Okay, I am so sick of hearing about how Ikuto is a pedophile, he’s 17! Not 30! He’s still a kid himself. And Amu is almost 13. Is the age gap a little out of the ordinary? Why yes, it is. Is it wrong? No, no it’s not! Ikuto never does anything remotely close to raping her or anything past wanting to kiss her. And he’s teasing! Surely you know what a joke is right? He admits to himself that he will have to wait until she grows up. He says he would never actually do anything she wouldn’t want him to do. So ha! Hahaha! Ikuto is 100% not a pedophile or anything like it!

“No matter what changes, I’ll still be me. And I can be whoever I want to be!”

- Hinamori Amu  (via lovelybirdme)