Favourite Anime Couples - Ikuto Tsukiyomi & Amu Hinamori

"Wherever I go, Whatever the distance that seperates us… I will come back to you. And when you grow up and become an adult, I promise I’ll come back and find you. - Because I’ll always keep liking you like this."


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url: its-shugo-chara-time
name: Ashley
nickname(s): Ash or AJ
birthday: May 21
gender: female
sexuality: straight
height: 5’5
time zone: eastern
what time and date is it: 6:11 PM Sept 1, 2014
average hours of sleep: ranges from 6 on school days to 10 on the weekends
otps: amuto, kutau, rimahiko, yaya and kairi
last thing i googled: I don’t remember….something about studio ghibli

first word that comes to mind: flower
last thing i said to a family member: okay
one place that makes me happy and why: the band room at my old school because all my friends are there
how many blankets do i sleep under: 2
favorite beverage: grape juice
last movie i watched in the theaters: as above, so below
3 things i cant live without: my friends and family, shugo chara, food, and my laptop/cell phone.
something i plan on learning:  confidence
a piece of advice for my followers: Try and see past your sadness into the future, where better things will come. It always gets better, time will heal anything.
you have to listen to this song: Shugo Chara OP: Omakese Guardians

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I keep wanting male versions of mahou shoujos and I keep forgetting we already have some

so here’s a gifset honouring my two favourite male magical transformations